2022 Year End & Finals Champions
Year End Champion Justin Carrier
Finals Champion Casey Bear
Year End Champion Matt Pick
Finals Champion Matt Pick
Year End Champion Daniel Hitchins
Finals Champion Brady Irvine
Year End Champion Cody Christman
Finals Champion Brian McPhee
Year End Champion Shelby Lockie
Finals Champion Sheridan Lillyman
JR Steer Riding
Year End Champion Foster Arneson
Finals Champion Beau Armstrong
Team Roping
Year End Champions Header Matt Pick & Heeler Ryan Cox
Finals Champions Header Chase Holbrook Heeler Tylan Holbrook
Year End Champion Allee Kapeller
Finals Champion Denym McPhee
Year End Champion Lexi Harvey
Finals Champion Angie Cross
Year End Champion Delaney McPhee
Finals Champion Jenna Emmel
Year End Champion Ava-Lynn Luscombe
Finals Champion Allee Kapeller
Year End Champion Payton Lockie
Finals Champion Payton Lockie
Year End Champion Gunner Armstrong
Finals Champion Steel Tallentire
Year End Champion Jhett Cross
Finals Champion Jaeger Moore
Year End Champion Dane Pearson
Finals Champion Tyson Thue

Year End Senior High Point Champion Matt Pick
Year End Junior High Point Champion Payton Lockie
Finals Senior High Point Champion Matt Pick
Finals Junior High Point Champion Delaney McPhee

Cowgirl of the Year Jacqui Arneson
Cowboy of the Year Dallas Kapeller
Gold Card Recipients SIGA & Ray & Noreen Kneeland

Tie Down Roping Horse of the Year Willy owned by Curtis Taypotat
Steer Wrestling Horse of the Year Lightning owned by Hoss Stover
Steer Wrestling Hazing Horse of the Year Fonzy owned by Luke Ellingson
Team Roping Heading Horse Roaney owned by Rowdy Ross
Team Roping Heeling Horse Roaney owned by Kade McConnell
Junior Team Roping Horse of the Year Oscar owned by Korbin Cross
Pee Wee Team Roping Horse of the Year Roxi owned by Allee Kapeller
Ladies Breakaway Roping Horse of the Year Roaney owned by Rowdy Ross
Junior Breakaway Roping Horse Billy owned by Payton Lockie
Ladies Barrel Racing Horse of the Year Secret owned by Lexi Harvey
Junior Barrel Racing Horse of the Year Bugz owned by Delaney McPhee
Pee Wee Barrel Horse of the Allee owned by Macki Arenson

KCRA Rodeo Finals Sept 9, 10 & 11, 2022

Friday Sept 9 @ 6:30 PM

Saturday Sept 10, @ 6:30 PM

Sunday Sept 11 @ 1:30 PM

AGM Saturday  10 @ 10:00 AM

Finals Personnel:

  • Secretary Susan Early
  • Timers Tanya Stover & Marilee Taylor
  • Stock Contractors: Tom Bingham, Cody Strandquist & Willick Rodeo
  • Timed Event Cattle Rowdy Ross, Willick Rodeo
  • Photographer: Crowbait Creative
  • Announcer Neil Branden
  • Pick up Men: Luke Ellingosn & Ty Wilson
  • Chute Boss: Buck Christman
  • Bullfighters: David Edwards/Tyrelle Zacharias
  • Judges; Mark Sayers, Greg Belisle & Elmer Eagle.